Amber Heard – Truth or Lie?

Contradiction and lies in a courtroom. Surely this is contempt of court ?

You know I’m not dumb I.

I know you can’t hit a woman. You can’t hit a Man. You can’t hit anyone.

I did not fucking deck you !

I fucking was hitting you !

I did not punch you !

I was hitting you ! You’re a fucking baby !

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By Dom Watts

Dom Watts is the founder of the Ministry of Injustice. Dom has no legal training and is not a lawyer. You can find Dom on Twitter or Google.

"I suggest you continue your studies in English Law Mr Watts as you appear to know nothing" - DDJ Mills

“You know exactly what to do Mr Watts” - HHJ Farquhar

"I'm in the Rogues Gallery" - Gavin Howe Barrister

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