Eleanor Battie Barrister

Miss Eleanor Battie is a self employed barrister at the 1 Crown Office Row (1COR) Barristers Chambers in Brighton. Eleanor Battie can be reached at Eleanor.Battie@1cor.com

Ms Battie is also a direct access barrister at 1COR Direct

Eleanor Battie was called by Lincoln’s Inn in July 2004.

You should read our article on Dodgy Judges and Eleanor Battie’s involvement with the Judicial Conduct Office (JCIO) in which there was, in my opinion, an untrue claim made that she as a barrister was an “Officer of the Court”

Ms Battie publishes a number of testimonials at 1COR and 1COR Direct.

Eleanor Harriet Battie in a pdf testimonial published on the 1cor.com website proclaims that She is a one-woman legal “A Team”

Ms Battie a one-woman legal “A Team”

The A Team, despite being fictional characters, were convicted by a Military Court for a crime they claim they didn’t commit. They then escaped and went on the run and survived as “soldiers of fortune”. They can only be described as violent criminals, mercenaries or thugs for hire.

It therefore seems odd that a barrister such as Ms Battie would appear to be be proud to glorify violence, criminality and evading justice ? No doubt this behaviour is also in breach of the Bar Standards Handbook 4.7

Barristers are certainly paid incredibly well and despite claims of high of morals and professionalism, they can, in my opinion, act like thugs at time especially against a Litigant in Person (LIP).

If the A Team were innocent, surely they could have found and hired a reputable lawyer and appealed their convictions ?

Is Eleanor Battie therefore a self proclaimed “solider of fortune” or a thug for hire ?

This page is not sponsored by Ms Eleanor Battie Barrister nor is it an endorsement of Miss Eleanor Battie Barrister. It contains personal opinions protected by common law and Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 along with publicly available information.

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