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You Can Leave Your Hat On at Horsham County Court

On the 4th July 2023 at 9.30am a McKenzie Friend and I went through “strict” airport style security at Horsham County Court in Hurst Rd, Horsham RH12 2ET.

Horsham County Court Entrance

Pockets were emptied into a tray and my laptop bag was searched by a Security guard using a torch taped to a ruler. Very unusual apparatus operated by a security guard in a shirt that was once white !

Horsham County Court Security and Staff Smoking Area

At least he and the other security guards were displaying their SIA badges as required by law under Section 9 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

One of the Security guards was obviously under pressure to secure the Court building as he was regularly going outside for a smoke !

Hats on Security at Horsham County Court

Inadvertently I left my Eurostar hat on (as pictured) and I wore it during the security screening including going through the airport style metal detector.

At no time was I asked to remove the hat nor was it scanned using the handheld scanner. The CCTV from the Court building, if working, would confirm this. I could request this footage from the Court by submitting a Subject Access Request.

The article Going through security at a court or tribunal building is published on the website and explains the security when you enter a court or tribunal building.

You’ll go through a security check, like you would at an airport. This may include:

  • emptying your pockets into a tray
  • taking off your shoes, coat, gloves or hat
  • being asked to take off or open your belt
  • walking through an archway detector
  • being checked by hand or with a handheld scanner

If you’re wearing a head covering for religious or cultural reasons, you can ask for it to be checked with a handheld scanner so you do not have to take it off.

Going Through Security –

The guidance says “may” which is a little odd.

In my opinion, the Security staff at Horsham County Court failed to do their job properly. I do not think a Eurostar hat could ever be classed as a head covering for religious or cultural reasons !

At Horsham County Court it seems that you can leave your hat on !

Horsham County Court Royal Coat of Arms

Horsham County Court Literature

There were a number of leaflet holders in the waiting area that were empty apart from a leaflet about “Restorative Justice For You” and one containing a Mars Bar Wrapper that has been there for at least 3 months !

“Restorative Justice For You” mentions the Sussex Criminal Justice Board.

Restorative Justice For You – Sussex Criminal Justice Board

Are the Sussex Criminal Justice Board as dodgy as the Sussex Family Justice Board ? The MOI will be investigating for a future article.

Horsham County Court Security Review

Horsham County Court Security staff made regular security patrols which was very reassuring. I am aware there were VIP’s in the building including my mentor DDJ Mills !

They used a phone to scan targets that were a circle with a cross hand drawn with a black sharpie on a Tipp-Ex background. Improvisation that rivals the skills of MacGyver.

I couldn’t help but notice that there was a lot of network cables in trunking attached to the ceiling that were secured with red cable ties. This is assumed to be for a secure network, however there were gaps in the trunking and the cables were exposed where they entered the wall. No doubt the Ministry of Justice/HMCTS IT will want to review this as a security risk.

In summary :-

  • Horsham Security should review their Airport Style security. Can you leave your hat on ?
  • Improve the appearance of their security staff.
  • Horsham Court staff or the Ministry of Justice/HMCTS should review their smoking policy on Court premises.
  • MoJ/HMCTS IT to review the secure cabling.

I will back to Horsham County Court in October 2023 to review again.

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