Deputy District Judges

Deputy district judges are appointed by the Lord Chancellor after a fair and open competition administered by the Judicial Appointments Commission, and the statutory qualification is the same as that for appointment as a district judge – a minimum of five years’ right of audience in any part of the Supreme Court, or all proceedings in county courts or magistrates’ courts.

Deputy district judges sit on a fee-paid basis in the county courts and district registries of the High Court for between 15 and 50 days a year. In general their jurisdiction is the same as that of a district judge.

Appointments are for five years, and are automatically extended by the Lord Chancellor for further successive terms of five years – subject to the office holder’s agreement and the retirement age of 70.

Deputy District Judge Chris Mills the only Disrict judge in the UK

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Deputy District Judge Christopher Mills email address is

Deputy District Judge Mills / DDJ Mills South East Circuit
DDJ Mills Brighton Family Court

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