HHJ Stuart Farquhar

HHJ Farquhar was appointed as a Deputy District Judge in 1999, as a District Judge in 2005 and as a Recorder in 2009.

Stuart Alastair Farquhar was appointed a circuit judge, assigned to the South Eastern Circuit, based at Brighton County Court, with effect from October 9, 2013. Judge Farquhar who was 51 at the time, was called to the Bar (I) in 1985. Judge Farquhar was born in June 1962.

Stuart Alastair Farquhar is called His Honour Judge Farquhar or abbreviated to HHJ Farquhar. In Court he is addressed as Your Honour.

HHJ Farquhar is the Lead Financial Remedies Court (FRC) Judge for Kent, Surrey and Sussex. From KFC to the top of the roost in Sussex !

“I have no family connection to lawyers; father was an engineer and mother looked after me and my two brothers. Attended state schools.

1980-1983 Manchester University

1983-1984 Worked at solicitors during the day and KFC at night & weekends to pay for Bar

1984-1985 Bar School

1985-2005 Barrister in Nottingham (after pupillage in London where I was not offered tenancy)
Started doing all types of work but after about five years began to specialise in Family work and then just in money cases on divorce

2005-2013 District Judge in Cambridgeshire – Family and Civil jurisdiction

2013-present Circuit Judge in Brighton – Family Court and Court of Protection


Supporting AFC Wimbledon, walking the dog in the rain (other weather conditions are accepted), preferably near pubs with good real ale.

Married: my wife works as an advisor for a Carers Support Organisation.
Two children, neither following a legal career (having seen the impact upon me!)”

University of Brighton Law Careers Question Time 2018

Sussex Family Justice Board Membership

HHJ Stuart Farquhar was listed (up to 18th April 2023) as a board member of the highly questionable Sussex Family Justice Website (SFJB), along with a number of Senior Sussex Judges.

HHJ Farquhar was previously listed as a SFJB member in a SFJB document SFJB-List-of-Members.docx dated September 2018. HHJ Farquhar appears to have been a SFJB board member for at least 5 years !

“The judge is not a member of the board as to be so would be incompatible with the independent position of the judiciary.”

Judiciary and the local justice system

A Google Search on the 3rd April 2023 returned the following which clearly shows HHJ Farquhar as a board member :-

Google Search 3rd April 2023

A Bing Search on the 3rd April 2023 returned the following which clearly shows HHJ Farquhar as a board member :-

Bing Search 3rd April 2023

The Sussex Family Justice Board website showed :-

Sussex Family Justice Board Members 3rd April 2023
Sussex Family Justice Board Judicial Board Members 3rd April 2023

The Sussex Family Justice Board website, according to their public RSS Feed, was updated on the 18th April 2023 at 20:37.

Sussex Family Justice Board (SFJB) RSS Feed XML <lastBuildDate>Tue, 18 Apr 2023 20:37:32 +0000</lastBuildDate>

HHJ Farquhar, HHJ Lusty and DJ Pollard have mysteriously been removed as board members. Is this a cynical attempt at a cover up ? Who removed them and why ?

Sussex Family Justice Board Judicial Board Members as of 22nd April 2023
Sussex Family Justice Board Judicial Board Members as of 22nd April 2023
SFJB-List-of-Members.docx dated September 2018
  • HHJ Farquhar has denied he is a member of the SFJB and that he was ever invited to join.
  • HHJ Farquhar claims he did not know that he was listed on the SFJB website as a board member.
  • HHJ Farquhar stated that he had covered for His Honour Judge Robin Bedford at several SFJB events. He also confirmed that HHJ Bedford, The Designated and Most Senior Family Judge in Sussex, was definitely a member of the board.
  • HHJ Farquhar said that the SFJB had no income and was surprised to learn that they had a treasurer listed as a board member. He accepted that the SFJB must therefore have income and expenditure which should be publicly accounted for.

This is fraud or at the very least highly misleading behaviour by the SFJB by listing a Senior Judge as a board member without their knowledge or approval.

I can only assume this was done to give the SFJB some sense of importance and credibility but only serves to make their activities even more suspicious.

Check out our article on HHJ Bedford and the highly questionable Sussex Family Justice Board and make up your own mind.

Financial Remedies Court Lead Judge

In the 4th July 2022 Revision of the FINANCIAL REMEDIES COURT (FRC) – OVERALL STRUCTURE OF THE FINANCIAL REMEDIES COURT AND THE ROLE AND FUNCTION OF THE LEAD JUDGE, HHJ Farquhar is listed as the Lead Financial Remedies Court (FRC) Judge for Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Farquhar Commitee

“HHJ Stuart Farquhar (Lead Judge of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Financial Remedies Court (FRC)) was asked by The Honourable Mr Justice Mostyn earlier in 2021 to convene and lead a committee (consisting of a geographically diverse collection of judges at all levels of the judiciary and practitioners).

The committee was to consider in depth and report on the role of remote courts in the post-pandemic environment (Part 1) and the procedures of the Financial Remedies Court (Part 2).

The carefully considered and substantial final reports of the Farquhar Committee (Parts 1 and 2) are now being published so that they may inform decisions on moving matters forward in both these areas.

Report of the Farquhar Committee Part 1

The Financial Remedies Court – The Way Forward
A Paper to consider the future use of Remote Hearings in the FRC (PDF)

Report of the Farquhar Committee Part 2

The Financial Remedies Court – The Way Forward
A Paper to consider changes to the Practices and Procedures in the Financial Remedies Court (PDF)

Reports of the Farquhar Committee on the Financial Remedies Courts – Parts 1 and 2

Transparency Implementation Group Chair

On the the 11th February 2022 The President of the Family Division (PFD) announce that the Financial Remedy Court Transparency Group, will become the fifth sub group of the Transparency Implementation Group (TIG). This group will be chaired by HHJ Stuart Farquhar and will report to the main TIG.

Please refer to the Announcement for the Family Transparency Implementation Group (TIG)

On the 2nd June 2022 an article entitled Transparency in the FRC – The workings of the TIG Sub-Group written by HHJ Farquhar was published on the Transparency Project website.

Company Appointments

HHJ Stuart Farquhar was a Director of KESTEVEN AND GRANTHAM GIRLS’ SCHOOL ACADEMY TRUST (08133675), listing his occupation as District Judge, but resigned on the 9th October 2013 for unknown reasons.

HHJ Farquhar Contact Details

HHJ Stuart Farquhar judicial email address is and he is based at the following Court :-

Brighton County Court Family Centre
1-2 Edward Street,

Tel: 01273 674421

HHJ Farquhar on the Internet

The Ministry of Injustice is delighted to be the No 1 Search result on Google for HHJ Farquhar (6th April 2023)

“Scandalising the judiciary (also referred to as scandalising the court or scandalising judges) is abolished as a form of contempt of court under the common law of England and Wales.”

Crime and Courts Act 2013 Section 33Can you criticise a judge ?

This article contains personal opinions protected by common law and Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 along with publicly available information.

Image shown is an amateur artists impression by the author and for illustration only. It is not His Honour Judge Stuart Farquhar (HHJ Farquhar)

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“He is awful, underhanded and should not be practising law!”

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