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What is a Judgment ?

A judgment, also known as a judicial decision or court ruling, is the final decision made by a court of law in a legal case or dispute. It represents the court’s official decision on the matters brought before it and typically resolves the legal issues in question.

It is the culmination of legal proceedings, where a judge evaluates evidence, arguments and applicable laws to arrive at a verdict. Whether it’s a criminal case, family dispute, civil dispute or administrative matter, a judgment carries significant consequences for the parties involved.

A judgment may include various elements such as:

  1. Findings of Fact: The court’s determination of what events or circumstances occurred in the case.
  2. Conclusions of Law: The legal principles applied by the court to the facts of the case to reach a decision.
  3. Decision or Disposition: The specific outcome or ruling of the case, which could include a verdict of guilty or not guilty (in a criminal case), or a judgment for the plaintiff or defendant (in a civil case).
  4. Orders: Any specific actions or remedies ordered by the court as part of the judgment, such as monetary damages, injunctions, or other relief.

A court judgment is typically written and issued by a judge or a panel of judges. It is a formal and legally binding document that concludes the legal proceedings in the case, although it may be subject to appeal or modification under certain circumstances.

Sometimes, judgment is reserved, which means withholding a final opinion until more information is available. It acknowledges the complexity of issues and avoids premature conclusions.

These are the latest judgments published by the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary of England and Wales.

  • Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWHC 1177 (Ch) In the High Court of JusticeBusiness and Property Courts in WalesProperty and Trusts List 17 May 2024 Before :His Honour Judge Jarman KCSitting as a Judge of the High Court Between : Vanessa Jean Davies -v- (1) Barbara Eleanor Watts(2) Mary Gwenllian Davies The post Davies -v- Watts and Davies appeared first on […]
  • In the Crown Court at Teesside 17 May 2024 Sentencing remarks of The Right Honourable Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb Between:Rex-v-Ahmed Ali Alid The post R -v- Alid appeared first on Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.
  • Appeal Number: SC/166/2019 In the Special Immigration Appeals Commission 17 May 2024 Before:The Honourable Mr Justice JayUpper Tribunal Judge BlundellMr Phillip Nelson CMG Between:C2-v-The Secretary of State for the Home Department The post C2 -v- The Secretary of State for the Home Department appeared first on Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.
  • Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWCA Civ 532Appeal Number: CA-2024-000925Case Number: 1637/5/7/24 In the Court of Appeal of England and Wales (Civil Division)on Appeal from the Competition Appeal TribunalSir Marcus Smith (President), Carole Begent and Dr. William Bishop 17 May 2024 Before:Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the RollsSir Julian Flaux, Chancellor of the High CourtandLady Justice […] The post -v- […]
  • Central Criminal Court 16 May 2024 Sentencing remarks of HHJ Dhir KC Between:Rex-v-Kadeem HibbertSahid KpakaCourtney Forrester The post R -v- Hibbert and others appeared first on Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.
  • Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWHC 1137 (Admin)Case Number: AC-2022-BHM -000148 In the High Court of JusticeKing’s Bench DivisionAdministrative CourtBirmingham Civil and FamilyJustice Centre 14 May 2024 Before:Mr Justice Swift Between: The Kingon the application ofWendy Smith -v- Secretary of State for the Home Department Interveners:(1) Friends, Families and Travellers(2) Liberty The post Smith -v- Secretary of State for the Home […]
  • Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWCA Crim 490Case Number: 2024/00651/A4 In the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)On Appeal from the Crown Court at NottinghamMr Justice Turner 14 May 2024 Before:The Lady Carr of Walton-on-the-HillThe Lady Chief Justice of England and WalesLord Justice EdisandMr Justice Garnham Between: Rex -v- Valdo Calocane The post Rex -v- Calocane appeared first on Courts and Tribunals […]
  • Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWCA Crim 509Case Number: 202302641 A1 In the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)On appeal from the Crown Court at NottinghamMrs Justice Tipples DBE 14 May 2024 Before:Lord Justice SinghMr Justice JayandThe Recorder of Northampton (HHJ Rupert Mayo)sitting as a Judge of the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) Between: Rex -v- Jamie […] The post Rex -v- […]
  • Case Number: AC-2022-LON-001745 And 1746 In The High Court Of JusticeKing’s Bench DivisionDivisional Court 13 May 2024 Before:President of the King’s Bench Division and Mr Justice Johnson Between:Julian Paul Assange-v-(1) Government Of The United States Of America(2) Secretary Of State For The Home Department (interested party) Order UPON the court’s order dated 18 April 2024 […] The post Assange -v- […]
  • Leeds Crown Court 10 May 2024 Rex-v-Piran Ditta Khan Sentencing Remarks of Mr Justice Hilliard The post R -v- Khan appeared first on Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.

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