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Policing by consent is a fundamental principle that underpins modern democratic societies. It is a concept rooted in the belief that the authority of the police derives from the consent and cooperation of the public they serve, as opposed to the power of the state.

#TwoTierPolicing by the Metropolitan Police ?

Police custody officer arrested
A Greater Manchester Police custody officer has been arrested on suspicion of sexual touching, misconduct in a public office and cyber flashing.
Channel 4 News 17th July 2024
Police Force rejecting more potential police officers
Thames Valley Police (TVP) vetting and force security said it rejected nearly a fifth more potential officers in the last financial year than it did in the year before. 267 rejected in 2022/23 and 319 in 2023/24.
BBC News 15th July 2024
Corrupt police sergeant jailed
SGT Ben Cooke of South Wales Police pleaded guilty to theft, attempted burglary, burglary, securing unauthorised access to computer material with intent to commit an offence and corrupt or improper exercise of police powers and privileges.
BBC News 12th July 2024
Deputy police boss accused of ‘blatant misogyny’
Deputy chief constable Chris Green of Merseyside Police discriminated against a “strong professional woman” who ran an elite anti-gang unit, a tribunal has ruled. Merseyside Police said it was appealing the judgment.
BBC News 11th July 2024
Piglets criticised by Police Federation
Tiffany Lynch of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said the title Piglets of a new ITV comedy “is highly offensive to police officers risking their lives to protect the public every day providing an emergency service”
Sky News 10th July 2024
Trial of innovative police drone technology
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary and Thames Valley Police trialled the innovative Drone as First Responder (DFR) technology as part of policing the 2024 Isle of Wight Festival.
NPCC 9th July 2024
Police Digital Service leaders arrested
“The City of London police are leading a criminal investigation into allegations made against two individuals employed by the company Police Digital Service. The suspects have been arrested for fraud, bribery and misconduct in a public office.”
The Guardian 5th July 2024
Firearms officer arrested on suspicion of rape
A firearms officer, who is an Inspector from the Metropolitan Police Specialist Firearms Command, was arrested on suspicion of rape and other offences.
Sky News 4th July 2024
Police issue warning over open windows in summer
Surrey Police has urged the public to close any doors or windows when leaving the home or later in the day. “These could otherwise be seen as an opening by criminal opportunists”
BBC News 2nd July 2024
West Midland Police and PACE
In a shocking video, West Midlands Police display unlawful use of Section One of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE). Reasonable suspicion ?! More training required !
Auditing Britain 1st July 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – June 2024
One in 10 police chiefs stand down due to misconduct allegations
Four out of the 43 chief constables, who are the highest ranking police officers in England and Wales, have quit in last year due to allegations of misconduct.
The Telegraph 28th June 2024
Met Police Investigate Election Betting Scandal
Met Police detectives will lead on investigating a small number of cases to assess whether the alleged offending goes beyond Gambling Act offences to include others, such as misconduct in public office.”
The Guardian 27th June 2024
Met Police Betting Scandal
Five more Metropolitan Police officers are alleged to have placed bets on the timing of the general election. “It is still the case that only one officer is under criminal investigation”
Sky News 26th June 2024
Police Community Shopping Officer
Auditing Britain “accused” of being a shoplifter by a Thames Valley Police PCSO who offer a basket. PCSO fails to provide designation card on request. Police officer fails to email designation card. Video
Auditing Britain 24th June 2024
Suffolk police officer dismissed after having sex on duty
A Superintendent of the Suffolk Constabulary has been dismissed after sleeping with four junior colleagues while on duty and on police premises. “I regard this to be among the most serious cases of gross misconduct”
East Anglian Daily Times 21st June 2024
Can Sussex Police Sink Any Lower Than This?
Sussex Police drag a sick man from his bed in front of his children and then assault him. “I’m a Police Officer and that’s what I do”. Shocking video.
Crimebodge 20th June 2024
London’s disappearing police stations
More than a hundred Met Police stations have been closed in London over the last 15 years. “The Government has chronically underfunded the Met since 2010….cutting police funding by more than £1 billion”
Evening Standard 19th June 2024
West Mercia police chief recruitment in ‘chaos’
A long search for a new chief constable for West Mercia Police has ended in failure. Metropolitan Police commander Kyle Gordon will not be taking the role due to issues with “vetting” ?
The Guardian 18th June 2024
Police officer who hit cow with patrol car in Staines removed from frontline duties
“I fully appreciate the distress our handling of this incident has caused and will ensure that it is thoroughly and diligently investigated” Deputy Chief Constable Nev Kemp of Surrey Police said.
Sky News 17th June 2024
Former police officer convicted for violent offences against women
Christopher Ferguson, a former Police Scotland officer has been convicted for a series of abusive and violent offences against women. “Criminality or misconduct by officers or staff damages public confidence and there is no place in policing for those who do not uphold our values.”
STV News 14th June 2024
Met Police slammed for ‘trying to block’ protest
The Met Police has been criticised for “trying to block” anti-monarchy protests during the trooping the colour. “The Human Rights Act and ECHR does not provide a right to enjoy a day out”
GB News 13th June 2024
Former Kent Police officer charged with rape
Jamie Woodhams, a former Kent Police officer has been charged with rape, sexual assault and misconduct in a public office.
Kent Police 12th June 2024
I Fought the Law and the Law Lost
Crimebodge sued Derbyshire Police for assault and false imprisonment, when a gaggle of PCSOs and Police Officers set about him on the street. The Police admitted they acted unlawfully.
Crimebodge 11th June 2024
Exploding police canisters closed A3
A stretch of the A3 in Surrey was closed due to flash-bang distraction devices used by the Surrey Police armed response team, being found on the road. “The incident is currently being reviewed to identify any learning for those involved”
BBC News 7th June 2024
Police chief disciplinary costs £200k so far
The ongoing gross misconduct hearing into a Chief Constable Nick Adderley of Northamptonshire Police has cost nearly £200,000, the local police commissioner has said. He is accused of exaggerating his rank, length of service and naval achievements.
BBC News 6th June 2024
Met Police commander is probed over alleged misuse of a Jaguar
Commander Karen Findlay of the Met Police is on restricted duties after it was alleged she dodged prosecutions for speeding and going through red lights. She is suspected of falsely saying she was on duty at the time.
Daily Mail 5th June 2024
Police trainer who took own life after developing PTSD ‘let down by Met Police’
A Metropolitan Police officer took her own life after the actions of her employer made her mental health worse, an inquest has found.
BBC News 4th June 2024
Former detective quit after dragging woman by hair
Former DC Jessica Covey who worked for Thames Valley Police (TVP) who pulled a woman down to the ground by her hair on a night out would have been sacked had she not quit.
BBC News 3rd June 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – June 2024
Paedophile police officer loses appeal
A former South Wales Police officer, Lewis Edwards, who preyed on over 210 underage girls, has lost his appeal for a reduced prison sentence. In October 2023, Edwards was sentenced to 13 life terms, with a minimum of 12 years for the gravest offenses.
Wales Online 24th May 2024
Police urged to consider making fewer arrests
Due to a lack of space in prisons, the National Police Chiefs Council has asked Chief Constables to think about “pausing” so-called “non-priority arrests” to “ease the pressure within the criminal justice system”.
BBC News 23rd May 2024
Disabled man assaulted by a Norfolk Police officer ?
Witnesses were shocked to see the officer ‘pushing and punching’ the one-legged man as he sat in his wheelchair. Norfolk Police have referred the incident to its Professional Standards Department. It is also due to be referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
Daily Mail 22nd May 2024
Terrorism police charge man after substances found
Bedfordshire Police made the discovery at an address, near Luton, on the 6 May. Harry Whittaker is accused of four counts of possessing an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose, the Metropolitan Police said.
BBC News 21st May 2024
Man dies in police custody
A man in his 30s has died while in custody at a Wiltshire Police station in Swindon. Wiltshire Police has made a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
BBC News 20th May 2024
Met Police officer is found guilty of assault
PC Perry Lathwood of the Met Police grabbed Jocelyn Agyemang by the arm, causing bruising injuries during the arrest last year in Croydon. Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram was the judge.
Daily Mail 18th May 2024
Met Police officer named after conviction
PC Alex Law of the Met Police admitted two counts of indecent assault on a girl who was under the age of 10 in 1996. “We remain committed to ensuring those who are not fit to police are removed from the organisation.”
News Shopper 16th May 2024
Police response to serious organised crime branded ‘inadequate’
His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) inspected the West Midlands The Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU), which consists of four forces: West Midlands Police, West Mercia Police, Staffordshire Police and Warwickshire Police.
Shropshire Star 14th May 2024
Police force ‘answering more calls quicker’
Stats for Greater Manchester Police (GMP)show that the average time for answering 999 calls has reduced from 25 seconds to four seconds. For 101 non-emergency calls, the average speed has fallen by 80 seconds over three years to 54 seconds.
BBC News 13th May 2024
Police pay out in sex assault and bullying case
A former police officer who was sexually assaulted and complained about bullying and misogyny has accepted a payout from Police Scotland of £431,968.
BBC News 10th May 2024
Police officer ‘deliberately’ run over by suspect
The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer was described as being “in and out of consciousness” after being struck, and is being treated in hospital for a broken ankle.
BBC News 9th May 2024
Fake police officer ordered woman to stop on M1
A motorist who is traumatised after being ordered to stop on a motorway by a man posing as a police officer, has been told there will be no criminal investigation and police will not speak to the man face-to-face. “Leicestershire Police takes any report of impersonation of a police officer extremely seriously. However, on this occasion our response did fall below the expected standard.”
BBC News 7th May 2024
Northumbria Police response times probed after man’s death.
Stevyn Carr had called Northumbria Police to ask for help and call-handlers graded the call urgent enough for someone to attend within an hour. However, due to “lack of resources” it was not until nearly 17 hours later they responded.
BBC News 1st May 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – May 2024
Met police to pay ‘five-figure sum’ to French publisher
A French publisher who was arrested in London on terrorism charges has been awarded “substantial” damages by the Metropolitan police. He was held under section 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.
Guardian 29th April 2024
Police officers deny assaulting care home amputee
Two Sussex Police officers have pleaded not guilty to assaulting an amputee pensioner, who had dementia, with pepper spray and a Taser at a care home. Donald Burgess, 93, died in hospital 22 days later.
BBC News 26th April 2024
Misconduct proven against former Met Police officer
Misconduct hearing finds that a former Met Police officer would have been dismissed had he not resigned. He AirDropped sexual messages to passengers on a train and sent an unwanted sexually explicit personal image to a female colleague.
Met Police News 25th April 2024
St George’s Day and accusations of ‘two-tier policing’
Metropolitan Police officers has been involved in a clash with flag-waving protesters as groups gathered down Whitehall to mark St George’s Day. Officers were accused of “two-tier” policing on social media over Scotland Yard’s handling of pro-Palestine protests.
GB News 24th April 2024
Under-fire Met boss Sir Mark Rowley defends ‘professional’ officer
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has defended the ‘professional’ conduct of the officer who threatened to arrest an ‘openly Jewish’ campaigner at a pro-Palestine march. 
Daily Mail 23rd April 2024
Only 40% of people in England trust their police force
The poll followed work by academics commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council, and is published in the journal Policing and Society. 40% of people in England say they trust the police, with the UK’s biggest force, the Metropolitan Police, getting the lowest rating.
Guardian 22nd April 2024
Met Police apologises twice
The Met Police has said an officer’s use of the term was “hugely regrettable”, but added that a video shared by the Campaign Against Antisemitism will “further dent the confidence of many Jewish Londoners”.
Sky News 20th April 2024
 Metropolitan Police has been branded ‘beyond appalling’ 
An officer threatened to arrest a Jewish man trying to cross the road at a pro-Palestine march because his ‘presence was antagonising’ and ‘breaching the peace’ because he was ‘quite openly Jewish’.
Daily Mail 19th April 2024
Sussex Police and Antisocial Behaviour
Sussex Police authorised community notices and dispersal orders in a bid to continue tackling anti-social behaviour across West Sussex. The public are always urged to report crime and anti-social behaviour.
V2 Radio 18th April 2024
Police instructor removed female trainees’ earrings with bolt cutters
A Dorset Police instructor allegedly ordered three female trainees to place their heads on a table and used bolt cutters to remove their earrings, a disciplinary hearing has been told.
The Guardian 17th April 2024
Police car stolen in Rochdale
A statement was issued by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) saying the vehicle was stolen after a police officer had left it following a pursuit to detain a man in his 20s in a nearby shop.
Oldham Times 16th April 2024
Sussex PC cleared of three sex attack charges
PC Daniel Julian of Sussex Police was acquitted on Friday by a jury at Lewes Crown Court after a five day trial.
BBC News 15th April 2024
Met Police knew about Westminster ‘honeytrap’ messages
The Met Police were first made aware of suspicious ‘honeytrap’ messages targeting men at Westminster late last year, but did not warn MPs.
BBC News 12th April 2024
Met Police to relook at decision to charge Caroline Flack
The TV star was facing prosecution for assaulting her boyfriend when she killed herself in February 2020. The Crown Prosecution Service had said Flack should get only a caution – but the Met Police appealed and she was charged.
BBC News 11th April 2024
Met Police refers itself to watchdog
The Met Police has referred itself to the police watchdog after taking hours to respond to calls raising concerns about a young women’s welfare before she was found stabbed to death in her home near Hyde Park.
Standard 10th April 2024
Sussex Police officer denies hotel room sex attack
A police officer barged into a woman’s hotel room wearing a towel and tried to rape her, a trial at Lewes Crown Court has heard. Sussex Police said Mr Julian was suspended from duty after he was charged over the incident in April 2023.
BBC News 9th April 2024
Met Police officer touches female colleague under clothes in ‘sexual assault’ – but keeps his job
Sergeant Daniel Fletcher, attached to the Met Police Specialist Firearms Command, appeared before a misconduct hearing. He was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of Discreditable Conduct and Respect, Authority and Courtesy in respect of allegations he touched a female officer inappropriately in May 2017.
Mirror 8th April 2024
Mayor of London condemns Met Police
Sadiq Khan has condemned the Met Police’s delayed response in removing swastikas shown at a pro-Palestine march, after officers were filmed telling a Jewish woman they needed to be “taken in context”.
LBC 5th April 2024
West Midlands Police officer filmed himself having sex with a woman at a work Christmas party
PC Daryl Watson was at the event at the National Exhibition Centre outside Birmingham when he disappeared into the toilet area with the woman, who was not identified. West Midlands Police launched an investigation into what happened.
Daily Mail 4th April 2024
Met Police officer dismissed for making ‘sexualised remarks’
A misconduct hearing found that Sergeant Neil Shipsey, who was based in the Central East Command Unit, was found to have breached the Metropolitan Police standards of professional behaviour.
The Standard 3rd April 2024
Outrage after Met officer says swastikas ‘need to be taken into context’
The Metropolitan Police stressed that the person with the swastika sign had already been arrested at the time of this conversation.
The Standard 2nd April 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – April 2024
Met Police vows to take ‘swift and decisive action’  against protestors
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Valentine said ‘swift and decisive action’ will follow any criminal activity at the march. The Metropolitan Police has been undergoing heavy criticism for its ‘light touch’ policing of the dozens of pro-Palestine marches that have taken place since the Hamas terror attacks on October 7.
Daily Mail 30th March 2024
Met Police officer charged with Croydon child sexual assault
Pc Anthony Rowley, 51, worked in the Met Police South Area Command which covers Bromley, Sutton and Croydon. He will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday charged with four counts of sexual assault on a girl under the age of 14.
News Shopper 28th March 2024
Sadiq Khan promises 1,300 new Met Police officers
The mayor said that if he is re-elected, he will put in place “around 1,300” additional neighbourhood police officers, PCSOs and special constables. The mayor has been criticised over the fact that the Met Police were last year the only force in England and Wales to miss their recruitment targets.
MSN 27th March 2024
Serving Met Police officer charged with strangling and assaulting woman while off-duty
PC Mahad Abdalla was arrested following an alleged incident on Saturday involving a woman he knew. The Met Police said PC Abdalla, who is attached to the Territorial Support Group, was suspended from duties.
The Standard 26th March 2024
Met Police ‘Rich List’
Over 290 top officers and staff were paid more than £100,000, with the highest pay of £313,366, including benefits and pensions, going to assistant commissioner Louisa Rolfe. It comes after public confidence in the embattled Met Police hits a record low.
City AM 25th March 2024
Met police officer ‘stole cash from a man’s corpse’
Metropolitan Police officer allegedly stole cash from the corpse of an Italian filmmaker after he died suddenly on a busy street. ‘This was referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) the same month, and in January 2023, the IOPC directed it should be investigated locally by the Met.
Daily Mail 23rd March 2024
Commissioner responds to Home Office Accountability Review and report into IOPC
“We know that the public’s confidence in policing has been shaken in recent years. We are relentlessly pursuing and removing those hundreds who corrupt our integrity…..Policing is united on the need for urgent accountability reform.”
Met Police News 22nd March 2024
Met Police diversity teams tell black women they have to ‘work harder’ than white colleagues
A Metropolitan Police diversity team has come under fire for sharing videos that include claims that black women have to “work harder” than their white colleagues. A leading anti-racism campaigner said that the footage had a “strong whiff of desperation” that was “embarrassing” and harmed the force’s outreach to their target audience.
GB News 21st March 2024
Met Police officer sanctioned for juror contact during trial
It found that the unnamed Met Police officer, who was attached to the specialist crime command, had breached the standards of professional behaviour in terms of honesty and integrity.
Law Society Gazette 20th March 2024
Met Police officer who lied about being mobbed in Clapham pub fight dismissed
Metropolitan Police officer who lied about being surrounded by 50 people during a fight in a south London pub would have been fired had she not already quit.
The Standard 19th March 2024
Author ‘arrested after reporting death threats from Met Police officers’
A former cop claims she has been arrested and “gagged” after reporting online abuse including death threats allegedly received from serving Met Police officers.
Express 18th March 2024
Met Police pays £10,000 to woman arrested at Sarah Everard vigil
The Metropolitan Police has paid out £10,000 to a woman arrested at a vigil for Sarah Everard. “Their actions were found by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services to have been appropriate and no misconduct was identified by our Professional Standards teams.”
Sky News 15th March 2024
Met Police’s corrupt police officer hotline is rolled out nationally
An anti-corruption hotline to report corruption in the Metropolitan Police is being launched nationwide.
The Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service, run by Crimestoppers, was launched for the force in November 2022 and has seen almost 3,000 online reports and calls regarding the force. It is used to report officers and staff for corruption, abuse and other breaches of trust or power.
BBC News 14th March 2024
Sussex Police officer charged with assault
Dale Hughes, 29, is charged with two counts of assault, being drunk and disorderly and harassment following an alleged incident in Worthing on 2 December. Sussex Police said it would consider misconduct proceedings for Mr Hughes after criminal proceedings had concluded.
BBC News 13th March 2024
Cambridgeshire Police criticised for sex offender management
A police force must answer 999 calls faster and improve the management of risks posed by registered sex offenders in the community, inspectors have said. His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services rated Cambridgeshire Constabulary inadequate in those areas.
BBC News 12th March 2024
Nottinghamshire Police moved into enhanced monitoring
“We move police forces into our enhanced level of monitoring, known as Engage, when a force is not responding to our concerns, or if it is not managing, mitigating or eradicating these concerns.”. There are now 6 Police Forces in Engage.
HMCIFRS 11th March 2024
Met Police Commissioner reflects on officers being caught in the middle of public debate
“Officers are regularly becoming the anvil on which society beats out its problems, and are being accused of being both woke and fascist for the exact same actions…..There aren’t many professions where from the minute you arrive at an incident to the minute you leave, you are filmed and then critiqued by an army of armchair commentators.”
Met Police Blog 11th March 2024
Met Police accused of ‘emboldening’ the mob after ‘Hamas is terrorist’ counter-protester arrested
“This shameful incident is the logical endpoint of consistently prioritising ‘community relations’ over even-handedly enforcing the law: the mob is emboldened and free-speech is threatened,” he said. “It’s a chilling inversion of what law-enforcement is about. Two-tier policing must end.”
The Telegraph 11th March 2024
Police Scotland will not investigate every crime
Assistant Chief Constable Emma Bond of Police Scotland said the new process was not a policy of non-investigation. “We are committed to investigating crime….Every crime report is subject of individual assessment of threat, harm, risk, vulnerability and for proportionate lines of investigation and evidence, and that won’t change”.
BBC News 8th March 2024
Met Police apologise to cyclist
The Metropolitan Police have apologised to a cyclist who reported a Range Rover driver for using a mobile at the wheel, but then found himself accused of breaking the law.
Daily Mail  7th March 2024
Married Sussex Police officer left his force radio on after sneaking off for sex
Sussex Police inspector Darren Lane is accused of having sex with a female colleague while on duty. He denies the claims and says he went to her home to work. Inspector Lane told the panel: ‘There was no sexual contact. I’ve never had sex on duty or any sexual contact on duty.
Daily Mail  6th March 2024
Greater Manchester Police officer drags homeless man along ground
Footage of a Greater Manchester Police officer dragging a rough sleeper along the ground was obtained by BBC News. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the incident “must not be repeated”. GMP said the officer’s behaviour, which took place last September, “fell below the standard we expect”.
BBC News 5th March 2024
Sussex Police officer sacked for inappropriate behaviour
PC Richard Hession, 44, kissed the colleague, known as Officer A, which was “unwanted and unsolicited”. On another occasion he was found in a hotel room with the same colleague while she was intoxicated and she messaged for help, a panel heard.
Sussex Police said officers were expected to act with the “utmost integrity”.
BBC News 4th March 2024
City of London police admit Action Fraud replacement delayed
The long-awaited replacement service for Action Fraud, the United Kingdom’s much maligned national reporting centre for fraud and financially motivated cybercrime, will not be live by April as previously planned. The move to a new service follows damning criticism of the British government’s response to fraud from the Justice Committee.
The Record 1st March 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – March 2024
Police banned from Sydney Mardi Gras
Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade has a complex history of both LGBT activism and police brutality. The parade’s board said the decision to exclude police, who have taken part in the annual march for over two decades, was “not taken lightly……the relationship between police and the community is at complete rock bottom and there is no confidence and trust in them”
BBC News 28th Feb 2024
Sussex Police AI motoring cameras
New safety cameras are being trialled in Sussex to detect if drivers are using phones or not wearing seatbelts.
Footage is processed by technology, using artificial intelligence (AI), before images are passed to Sussex police for consideration.
BBC News 27th Feb 2024
Metropolitan Police receives just six applications
The Metropolitan Police received just six applications during its most recent armed officer recruitment drive as hundreds quit following an officer being charged with the murder of Chris Kaba. 
The Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) is made up of around 2,500 Met police officers who work as volunteers with no extra pay.
Daily Mail 26th Feb 2024
West Yorkshire Police officer to undergo reflective practice
West Yorkshire Police (WYP) officer known as ‘Lesbian Nana’ must reflect over their part in the arrest of a 16-year-old girl in Leeds in August 2023 following an Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation.
Video footage showing part of the arrest was shared widely on social media at the time and showed the girl being arrested and being led from a house by officers.
IOPC 24th Feb 2024
Ex-Met police officer convicted of multiple counts of rape
A man recruited by the Metropolitan police as an officer despite being accused of raping a child was convicted on Wednesday of 13 counts of raping a woman and a child, as well as kidnap. “I know this is another case which will impact the confidence people have in us. We are doing more than we have done in decades to rid the Met of those who corrupt our integrity.”
The Guardian 22nd February 2024
Bedfordshire PC admits perverting justice in relation to speeding fine
Sabrina Kaur, who worked for Bedfordshire Police, pled guilty to the charge at Cambridge Crown Court. Bedfordshire Police had said: “The incident relates to a speeding fine while both were off-duty.”
BBC News 21st Feb 2024
Met chief Sir Mark Rowley blasts ‘vile and misogynistic’ trolls
Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said Karen Findlay’s move from the Met to the British Transport Police (BTP) had been “targeted by online trolls, many anonymous, making horrendous personal sexist and homophobic comments…..I am angry. My colleagues are angry. It isn’t acceptable and it’s happening too often”
Sky News 19th Feb 2024
Met Police officers injured in bus crash
Six Metropolitan Police officers were among nine people taken to hospital when a police van collided with a bus in south London. A shopkeeper who witnessed the crash said the police van had its blue lights on when it turned into the junction and crossed the path of the number 36 bus, which “couldn’t stop”.
BBC News 15th Feb 2024
To Catch a Copper
Jaw-dropping documentary series which, like the real Line of Duty, unearths shocking cases of corrupt officers in Avon and Somerset Police.
Channel 4 14th Feb 2024
Metropolitan Police leaving vulnerable children at risk of exploitation
The Metropolitan Police Service’s response to the criminal and sexual exploitation of children is not currently effective, with the force not doing enough when children are suffering from, or at risk of, exploitation, a new report has found. “It is particularly concerning that the Metropolitan Police Service isn’t doing enough when children are suffering from, or at risk of, exploitation.”
His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) 9th Feb 2024
Met use facial recognition technology to get justice in bus attack
Met Police detectives have secured justice for a bus driver who sustained serious injuries after being stabbed while driving his route in Tower Hamlets. ““The use of facial recognition technology and CCTV footage allowed officers to quickly identify and locate….”
Met Police 8th Feb 2024
Hertfordshire policeman demoted for selling his trousers
An inspector who sold his police trousers for £4 online has had his rank reduced after being found guilty of gross misconduct at a hearing.
Owen Hurley of Hertfordshire Police admitted he sold the item on Vinted, a second-hand selling app. “You have described it as a mistake… I would describe it as stupid.”
BBC News 7th Feb 2024
Met Police officer threatened to stab woman he raped, court told
A former Metropolitan Police officer, charged with 13 counts of rape, tied up one of his alleged victims, and threatened to stab her and slit her throat, a jury has been told. Croydon Crown Court heard the woman got into a car with Cliff Mitchell who told her he would stab her if she tried to escape or was sick in his vehicle.
BBC News 6th Feb 2024
Black police officers’ group calls for ethnic minorities to boycott joining Met
The National Black Police Association (NBPA) has called for ethnic minorities to boycott joining the Metropolitan police in protest at a “racist and vexatious” misconduct investigation into a leading officer.
The Guardian 5th February 2024
To Catch a Copper
Jaw-dropping documentary series which, like the real Line of Duty, unearths shocking cases of corrupt officers in Avon and Somerset Police. Officers are investigated for serious misconduct and sexual exploitation.
Channel 4 1st February 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – February 2024
Police officers mock body-worn video of semi-naked woman
The woman’s body was exposed when she was filmed suffering from a seizure. Three Thames Valley Police PCs later watched the footage without reason. None of the officers faced a misconduct hearing but a student officer who reported them was later dismissed. The student officer who reported his colleagues says the force covered up the incident.
BBC News 31st January 2024
Met Police Special Constable tells Christian singer she is ‘not allowed to sing church songs outside church’
A volunteer Met Police officer has sparked anger after telling a Christian singer that she is “not allowed to sing church songs outside of church grounds”. “Are you saying that you don’t care about the Human Rights Act?” – before accusing her of ‘laughing’.
This prompted the volunteer Met Police officer to stick her tongue out at the singer.
LBC 30th January 2024
Public have lost faith in the Met Police
Public confidence in the Metropolitan Police has collapsed since Sadiq Khan entered City Hall, new figures released by the London Assembly have shown. In April 2016, the Metropolitan Police could be relied upon by 76 per cent of the population, while 75 per cent considered they treated everyone fairly. According to newly released figures, some 58 per cent of people say the police can be relied upon, while 63% suggest they deal with everyone fairly.
Daily Mail 29th January 2024
Results published in policing’s largest integrity screening project
The publication of the largest integrity screening project undertaken in policing, with over 307,000 officers, staff and volunteers checked against the Police National Database (PND).
461 of those were referred to an appropriate authority and of these:
9 triggered further criminal investigation
88 triggered disciplinary investigation
139 triggered vetting clearance
128 triggered management intervention
97 required no further action
NPCC 23rd January 2024
Met police officer is investigated for sharing CCTV footage of sex assault
A spokesperson for the Met Police said: ‘A police constable, attached to the west area basic command unit, was arrested by professional standards officers on 12 September 2022 on suspicion of misconduct in public office.
Daily Mail 19th January 2024
Met Police apologises after homeless tents destroyed
Sir Mark Rowley commissioner of the Met Police admitted that officers acted unlawfully when issuing a dispersal order and some tents were thrown into bin lorries.
BBC News 18th January 2024
Met Police officer called colleague ‘p*key street drinker’
The Asian Met Police officer that Police Sergeant Elisha Hill made the comment to initially heard it as “I bet you were like a p*ki street drinker”. 
“While using the word was influenced by her background, was out of character……she acknowledged in her evidence, the word p*key is offensive and is equally as offensive to a different group of people, namely those from the gypsy and traveller community.” 
News Shopper 17th January 2024
Met Police ‘looking into’ video of activist telling pro-Palestine crowd in London ‘massacres should become status quo’
“A video of remarks made by one of the speakers at yesterday’s protest in central London has been shared extensively online.”
“They are assessing the matter and as part of that assessment will be seeking to speak to the individual concerned. The Met Police will provide a further update in due course.”
LBC 16th January 2024
Top law enforcement chief is sacked for sending ‘secret’ data using her personal email address
A disciplinary panel found two instances of gross misconduct connected to Ms Holland’s use of a private email. Misconduct was also found in two cases where WhatsApp was used to send sensitive NCA material. Nikki Holland was responsible for specialist investigations at the National Crime Agency (NCA), tackling people smuggling and child abuse.
Daily Mail 15th January 2024
Complaint lodged against new Police Scotland chief
The most senior civilian member of the executive team at Police Scotland has lodged a grievance against the force’s new Chief Constable Jo Farrell.
David Page is the deputy chief officer at Police Scotland, with responsibility for corporate support.
BBC News 12th January 2024
Police officer forced to strip down to her underwear wins £800,000 in discrimination case
The West Midlands Police Officer was told “just because you have t*ts does not mean you cannot do a press-up” as an officer pushed down on her neck with their foot. West Midlands Police have confirmed three serving firearms officers are currently suspended and 10 are in the disciplinary process.
The Telegraph 11th January 2024
Met officers who arrested violent football fan praised by judge
District Judge Mr Brennan said: “Thank you for your actions on the day, so many officers would allow behaviour like this to continue and not properly challenge fans. You and your colleagues composure whilst dealing with Mr Prior was commendable as he was particularly violent throughout.”
Met Police 10th January 2024
Police officer at centre of ‘lesbian nana’ row after arrest of girl, 16, is cleared of misconduct over pepper spray incident
A shocking clip widely shared online showed a short, blonde-haired female West Yorkshire Police officer spray several people during a disturbance on a housing estate in the city.
Critics branded her ‘out of control’ as she repeatedly shouted ‘get back’ at the crowd while standing alongside numerous other colleagues.
Daily Mail 9th January 2024
Met police officer charged with two counts of rape and suspended
PC Andrej Sagaidak, a serving Metropolitan police officer has been charged with two counts of rape, one count of non-fatal strangulation, one count of causing actual bodily harm and suspended from duty.
The Guardian 8th January 2024
Head of Britain’s police chiefs says force ‘institutionally racist’
The leader of Britain’s police chiefs’ organisation has become the most senior serving leader to say that policing is institutionally racist, as he called for a fundamental redesign of national policies and practices to eliminate discrimination.
The Guardian 5th January 2024
Johnson condemns Met Police investigation into Israel ‘war crimes’
Mr Johnson told The Telegraph on Wednesday he was concerned about “the worrying politicisation of the Met Police”.
The Telegraph 4th January 2024
Met Police’s wall of shame
More than 100 officers have been sacked by the Met Police as it seeks to root out dodgy cops and predators from within its rank, as part of a sweeping crackdown on standards, which top brass hopes will boost public confidence. 
Daily Mail 1st January 2024
Police News at the Ministry of Injustice – January 2024

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