Harry and Meghan Official Teaser Netflix YouTube Comments or Racism ?

On the 1st December 2022 Netflix published on YoutTube the teaser for the upcoming 6 part series Harry and Meghan. The upcoming series and timing has divided opinion especially in light of the passing of the most beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

This is an historical and easily searchable excel and pdf archive of the comments made on the Harry & Meghan – Official Teaser video published by Netflix on YouTube. Is this just comment, free speech or racism ?

At 8am on the 6th December 2022 there were 22K Likes and 280K dislikes. There were over 41K comments.

Harry and Meghan Official Teaser Netflix Stats

YouTube dislikes are hidden on all videos. Easily show dislikes for any YouTube video using the Return YouTube Dislike browser plugin.

Isn’t it wonderful that comments both positive and negative have been made from around the world.

In the UK free speech is protected by common law and Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

However you should think carefully or take legal advice before using these rights on the Internet in particular.

You should also choose legal advice wisely.

Read the honest review of Gavin Howe Barrister who could appear in Harry & Meghan Season 2 “The Divorce”.

Racism in any form is strongly condoned.

Citizens Advice have produced this interesting article about Discrimination because of race which clearly explains the issue.

If you haven’t see the Harry & Meghan | Official Teaser | Netflix here it is:-

Harry & Meghan | Official Teaser | Netflix

According to the Daily Mail “The King and Queen Consort are ‘wearied’ by the constant attacks from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”

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