Environmental Hooligans ?

The following unsolicited junk was received from Crawley Council.

At a time of war in Ukraine, rising costs and Councils pleading poverty, spending precious funds on hand delivered environmentally unfriendly printed material, is a waste of public money.

Shame on Crawley Council and shame on their advertisers Mayo Wynne Baxter !

How is this Environmentally Friendly ?? Recycling Junk is unnecessary.

Environmental and Financial Impact of Crawley Live Spring 2022 Issue 100 – a Freedom of Information request to Crawley Borough Council – WhatDoTheyKnow

Crawley Borough Council – Environmentally friendly advice ?
Crawley Council
Mayo Wynne Baxter are experienced solicitors based in Brighton, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Forest Row, Lewes, Pulborough, Seaford and Storrington.

Mayo Wynne Baxter state in their Corporate Social Responsibility statement published on their website.

“We understand that Mayo Wynne Baxter does not exist in isolation nor are we a firm that is simply a way of making money.

We take a responsible attitude, go beyond the minimum legal requirements and follow straightforward principles to ensure that the firm’s activities leave a positive impact on our suppliers, clients, community, staff and environment.”
Rogue Lawyer – Sometimes you have to fight dirty to get clean

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