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Auditing Britain and Hampshire Police- Powerless

Detained or Free to go ? Jokers ! Lucky Boy ! Walk of Shame 🙂

8 Police Officers for one man with a camera…….

Auditing Britain – Hampshire Constabulary Powerless

This website claims to know the identity of Auditing Britain (AB)

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A petition was raised on the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website “Stop Auditing full stop” but was rejected.

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“He is awful, underhanded and should not be practising law!”

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By Dom Watts

Dom Watts is the founder of the Ministry of Injustice. Dom works in IT and has no legal training and is not a lawyer. You can find Dom on X or Google.

In 2002 Dom Watts was an unlikely consumer champion. The dad of three from Croydon took on the power and might of Kodak – and won………

Dom on BBC Working Lunch

Dom Watts interviewed by Gerald Main BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Dr Laurence Godfrey (Godfrey v Demon Internet Ltd [1999] EWHC QB 244) wrote: “I am very pleased to read that there appears to have been a remarkable U-turn."

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