His Honour Now His Dishonour

Andrew Easteal formely known as His Honour Andrew Easteal has been removed from office by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) for misconduct after he ‘deliberately’ deleted data which was of police interest. 

The Lord Chancellor, with the Lord Chief Justice’s agreement, has removed His Honour Judge Andrew Easteal from office for misconduct.

Judicial office-holders are expected to strive to ensure that their conduct, both in and out of court, maintains and enhances the confidence of the public, the legal profession, and litigants, in their personal impartiality and that of the judiciary. They are also expected to put the obligations of judicial office above personal interests.

Following an investigation carried out under the Judicial Conduct (Judicial and other office holders) Rules 2014 by a senior judge appointed by the Lord Chief Justice, Judge Easteal was found to have deliberately deleted data in the knowledge that it was of interest to police officers carrying out a criminal investigation. The judge denied that his intention was to frustrate the criminal investigation.

Having considered the mitigation offered by Judge Easteal, the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor agreed with the investigating judge’s finding that this was misconduct of the utmost seriousness, for which the judge should be removed from office.


Despite being removed from Office, Andrew Easteal is still on the List of Circuit Judges on the Judiciary website. This is several hours after the announcement.

Clearly not all judges are as honourable as they seem !

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We recommend you should always seek formal legal advice if required, from a qualified and reputable lawyer (solicitor or barrister).

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