Would you send Jesus to Rwanda ?

A Good Morning Britain debate on government plans to send migrants to Rwanda posed the interesting question to Energy Minister Greg Hands “Would you send Jesus to Rwanda ?”

Were Jesus, Mary and Joseph what we would consider today “refugees”?

The answer is YES as Jesus and his family were forced to flee their homeland for fear of persecution. This is the classic modern-day definition of a refugee.

The government have claimed the £120million five-year plan would help to break people-smuggling networks and stem the flow of migrants across the Channel. Would it ?

The Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Revd Justin Welby who is the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, was critical of the plan as “ungodly”

0:00 and this season is also
0:04 why there are such serious ethical
0:06 questions
0:08 about sending asylum seekers
0:10 overseas
0:12 the details are for politics and
0:15 politicians
0:16 the principle
0:19 must stand the judgment of god
0:22 and it cannot
0:25 it cannot carry the weight of
0:28 resurrection justice it cannot carry the
0:31 weight of life conquering death
0:34 it cannot carry the weight of the
0:36 resurrection
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Ecumenical Easter Letter 2022

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